Emotional Health Mastermind & Business Growth Program for Entrepreneurs

Grow Your Business without Growing Insane

It’s easy to find business growth advice. But what if business growth strategy also came with emotional health insights from licensed therapists? After all, if there’s any threat to your business, it’s the mental and emotional side to being an entrepreneur.

"I'll Take Care of Myself When ..."

Is your mental and emotional health waiting on business outcomes? Is your happiness and joy chained to the success of your business?

The only guarantee in today's chaotic market is that more stressful circumstances will threaten to undermine your business' success. A recession, global conflict, stalled buyer activity, and more will capsize your business unless you prioritize your business' greatest asset—you.

You can't afford to keep setting your mental and emotional health aside in pursuit of business growth.

But what if you could pursue both? Scale your business revenue while investing in your mental and emotional health?

Most masterminds and coaching groups aren’t equipped to serve entrepreneurs with emotional resilience skills. Entrepreneurs can typically only discuss their emotional and mental needs with a therapist. But their therapist may not get the unique needs of a growth-minded entrepreneur.
That is, until now.

Achieve Low-Stress Growth while Prioritizing You

Entrecare is the only mastermind membership that combines business growth strategies with emotional health training from licensed therapists. With Entrecare, you can finally grow your business without compromising your mental and emotional health.
Inside Entrecare, you'll discover...

Emotional Health Training Topics:

  • How to build strong boundaries in your professional and personal life.
  • The secret sauce to finding self-care that actually works for you.
  • Why you’re struggling with burnout, and how to combat it.
  • Managing the tension between work and home life, and how to thrive at both.
  • Breaking through your money mindsets to experience true financial freedom.
  • How your family shaped your work habits and mindset, and breaking the pattern.
  • Detaching your self-worth from your success or failure.
  • Handling ADHD in business and prioritizing your days and weeks well.
  • Navigating emotional downturns in your business and creating the resilience to weather these times.
  • How to effectively rest and take time off when your business depends on you.
  • Reclaiming your sense of fun and play while running a business.
  • And more!
Business Growth Strategies:
  • How to design a high-value offer that’s in demand all season (yes, even in economic downturns).
  • The simple mechanics behind a marketing system that actually attracts and converts leads.
  • A compelling vision for your business that fuels you throughout the year.
  • Goals that ditch hustle mentality and lay a clear roadmap for the quarter and year.
  • Our fail-proof script for turning attention into cash in your business.
  • A single lever you can pull to reliably drive sales calls booked on your calendar.
  • How to talk about your offer so it turns heads.
  • What to do instead of launching a free lead magnet that gathers dust on people’s hard drives.
  • Email scripts that equal instant cash when you need it.
  • And more!

What's Inside the Entrecare Membership?

Bi-Weekly Emotional Health Mastermind Group

Every other week, attend a mastermind call led by a licensed professional where you’ll report wins, learn from a small teaching and discussion time, brainstorm strategies to apply what you learned, and more.

Exclusive Community Access

Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs doing the work. Inside our exclusive community, you’ll be able to get accountability for your emotional and mental health, ask the group questions, and celebrate wins and gratitudes. This community will solve the loneliness behind entrepreneurship.


Stress-Free Revenue Masterclass & Monthly Sessions

Master the ability to generate cash with less stress and anxiety. In this foundational masterclass, you'll discover Neal's 4-part formula to make more money in your business. Coupled with monthly business growth strategy sessions, you'll have everything you need to scale your revenue with greater ease and less anxiety.

PLUS, get FREE access to Enjoyco Group Programs (launching Fall 2022) and discounted therapy access (for those in TN only to start).

Schedule a Healthy Breakthrough Call

If you have questions about the program and how it can help you scale your business revenue with less stress & anxiety, schedule a Healthy Breakthrough Call and get your plan of action today.

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The mastermind meetings will start in August.

The Low-Stress Growth Masterclass will be taught in a live format starting in September.

No. Though we encourage you to show up for every call to make the most progress, you can get the replay for whatever calls you miss. They will all be done online.

Our Enjoyco Programs are 4 to 8 week tracks aimed to give you a specific result in your emotional health. For example, our Lasting Change program will help you heal your emotional relationship with food, money, work, etc. Another example is our Safe to Play program will help you rediscover your sense of play and fun. These will be done in a group format online. 

No. This is not a replacement for therapy. If at any time in our work together, you decide to go to therapy, we highly recommend it.

Note: if you live in Tennessee, you can get a discount to therapy with Enjoyco.

For our first round, we’re limiting spots to 20 people only. 

You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Schedule a Healthy Breakthrough Call to talk more about the program.

Once you schedule a call, you’ll be redirected to complete a short intake. Once you do a quick call with Neal, you’ll be able to join. 


About Neal & Carly

Neal is a former marketing executive who has helped scale multiple 7 and 8-figure companies by refining their offers and scaling their marketing.
Carly is a licensed professional therapist (LPC-MHSP) in the Greater Nashville Area.
Together, they founded Enjoyco, an emotional health and wellness company that helps individuals enjoy positive change. They are also the authors of the upcoming book, Start from Joy (January 2023).

Reviews that Made Us Jump for Joy

Here’s your guide to living in such a way that joy shows up - every day!

Dan Miller

Bestselling Author

Neal and Carly are two of the most joyful people I’ve ever met.

Jeff Brown

Podcast Host

The solution to the invisible barrier we all face with positive change.

Brian Dixon

Author and Entrepreneur

There are no better guides for joy out there than Neal and Carly.

Beth McCord

Founder of Your Enneagram Coach
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