How to End Food & Body Shame

“I learned that I could love my body without losing weight.”

3 Strategies to Navigate Being Home for the Holidays

“No one can get under your skin like family.”

Is Your Shame Too Much?

“As we start to address toxic shame in our lives, then we can actually trade that emotion for more life-giving joy.”

When You Don’t Want to Change

“By admitting that you are just not ready to change, you are practicing awareness and honoring your pain.”

How to Practice Acceptance in Difficult Circumstances

“Acceptance is non-judgemental awareness of what is really going on. It’s the opposite of resisting emotions and thoughts. It is acknowledging reality.”

Taking Ownership When It’s Hard

“We tend to fall under the fallacy where you think that ‘because I am in the position of power, I have less to own’ when the reality is because you are in the position of power you usually have the most to own.”

Recognizing & Combating Toxic Positivity

“No one can spend life 100% happy; life is a balance of both positive and negative, and that’s just what it means to be human.”

How to Embody a Start from Joy Lifestyle

“The mistake a lot of people make with joy is they believe it’s all about being happy.”

How to Find Joy in the Midst of Worry

“The true essence of joy is assessing reality and seeing the true, clear picture of what is happening and finding the joy through, beneath, and around any circumstance.”