5 Steps to Stop Toxic Thinking

“A well-managed thought life means we accept both our positive and negative thoughts but don’t see them as absolute truth.”

Building an Unhurried Life

“The reason we don’t have an unhurried life is because we feel like we have to say yes to everything.”

How to Inspire Joy in Others

“If you only notice the negative, you will be wired for negativity.”

Therapy vs. Coaching: Which Do You Need?

“If you are struggling from a trauma or hurt in the past and those past wounds and hurts are affecting your present, therapy is right for you.”

How to Overcome the Disappointment of Unmet Needs

“The answer is never to not have needs.”

5 Actions After Tragedy

“Standing behind our politics as a sword or a shield is not helpful processing.”

How to Reestablish Safety

“The actions we take to try to manufacture safety for ourselves often are the things that lead us away from it.”

Change Your Thinking About Thinking

“You can manage and structure your thought life to be more life-giving.”

Can You Actually Find Joy in Suffering?

“Finding joy in suffering is not about faking happiness. You don’t have to be happy.”