The Right Way to Change Your Thoughts

“As thoughts repeat, they cement themselves into beliefs. However, you can’t just convince yourself to repeat something that you feel deep-down is actually a lie.”

The 6 Barriers to Play

“Play is something we often neglect because we tend to think of it as frivolous, but it’s actually the thing we need the most when our life feels overwhelming.”

Healing Your Relationship to Anger

“Without anger in my life, there was nothing I felt passionate enough about to take action.”

How to Navigate Fear & Anxiety

Do you find yourself continually thinking, stressing, checking, worrying, re-checking, but never feeling any better? You’re not alone.

The Essential “Boundaries Are Healthy” Episode

Boundaries help us love ourselves, love others, and care for relationships well.

Introducing Start From Joy


Get a glimpse at why this podcast exists and all the future fun that’s in store for our listeners.