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Build an Emotional Health Playbook for Driving Success while Retaining Top Talent


Achieve Success While Caring for Your Team

More and more employees are leaving workplaces, leaving leaders to carry the burden of achieving big goals on their own. The Great Resignation, as it’s been coined, is here to stay. How can leaders adjust? The secret is with a greater emphasis on emotional health.

You Don't Need Another Productivity or Business Growth Solution

Employees are looking for emotionally-healthy workplaces that can support them. If leaders fail to provide this for their team, they’ll lose top talent, fall further behind on their goals, and struggle with the weariness and exhaustion of bearing the load themselves.
Leaders today don’t need another “how to grow your business” solution from business influencers. The problems sabotaging workplaces in today’s modern world are emotional and psychological. Leaders need real and proven emotional health strategies from certified therapists and specialists if they want to drive achievement while retaining top talent.

But how can leaders create an emotionally-healthy culture that helps employees feel safe, while also stretching them to achieve more?

This balance is tricky. Too safe and the team doesn’t reach higher. Too much stretch and the team folds under the pressure.

The Emotional Health Framework for Keeping You and Your Team Happy

This is where we come in. We’ve combined the latest in goal-achievement research with proven positive psychology and therapeutic strategies from our certified team of therapists to create a 5-step framework for achieving big goals while caring for your team. Implement this framework and your company will:
  • Achieve Goals without Burning Out in the Process
  • Retain Top Talent that Drives Greater Success for the Organization
  • Create an Emotionally-Healthy Culture that Copes Well with Stress & Anxiety

Attend the Workshop and Coaching Week and Get Real Results

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2-Day Virtual Workshop

We will host a private virtual 2-day workshop you can watch from anywhere. This includes access for up to five members of your leadership team. Together, you will learn the 5-step emotional health framework for driving success while retaining top talent.

Access to the Enjoyco Team

In the private workshop, you'll get access to our team of therapists and business consultants will coach you through the specific hurdles in your company.

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Once you complete the application below, you will be able to schedule a quick phone call with our CEO and cofounder, Neal, where he’ll learn the exact problems of your business and let you know if your team needs a spot at the Enjoyco Leaders Workshop.

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Once you complete the application and claim your ticket for the workshop, we’ll schedule two days for the workshop.

Absolutely! Your workshop license applies for up to 5 individuals on your leadership team. This way, you can align your leaders on the framework faster.

Yes! Everyone will get a replay 48 hours after the event.

No, your leadership team can attend the workshop from afar. However, if you’re able to gather safely, we recommend being in one room.

Reviews that Made Us Jump for Joy

Here’s your guide to living in such a way that joy shows up - every day!

Dan Miller

Bestselling Author

Neal and Carly are two of the most joyful people I’ve ever met.

Jeff Brown

Podcast Host

The solution to the invisible barrier we all face with positive change.

Brian Dixon

Author and Entrepreneur

There are no better guides for joy out there than Neal and Carly.

Beth McCord

Founder of Your Enneagram Coach

I thought depression took everything and I would never be able to smile again. I thought life belonged to all other people and there was no spot in this world for me. Thank you so much for your tenderness and patience. Thank you for making me believe again in myself and encouraging me to enjoy every new day.


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