Enjoy Your Life Again with a 6-Step Plan for Emotional Health

Photo of Enjoyco Founders Neal and Carly Samudre. Are you struggling to overcome trauma, anxiety, or more? Discover how emdr therapy in Nashville, TN can help you begin processing your emotions in a healthy way.

Your Emotional Life Matters

Feel like your emotions are up and down?
Do you struggle to see the good in your circumstances or in other people?
Are your relationships mired with conflict and tension?
Blow up at your loved ones and don’t know why?
Does critical self-talk sabotage your day?
If you want a life of peace and joy, it starts with better emotional health.

You Need a Plan for Flourishing Emotional Health

We have a plan for every goal that matters to us.
Our physical health. Our financial well-being. Our professional life. These domains require plans to achieve growth.
So what about our emotional life?
Without a practical plan for emotional flourishing, joy, happiness, and deeper fulfillment will always remain elusive. Finally, there’s a simple, practical, and engaging plan for you to better your emotional health and reap joy in all areas of life.

The 6-Step Plan

Following the domains of healthy emotional living, the skills in our 6-step plan will help you ...
  • Make clear, wise decisions to move your life forward
  • Advocate for kind boundaries in delicate situations
  • Build customized self-care strategies and skills to fit your season
  • Tackle toxic thoughts and self-talk for more confidence
  • Create positive lasting change in all areas of life

The Leading Platform in Practical Emotional Health

Enjoyco+ is an all-access membership for growth-minded individuals who want a 6-step plan to better their emotional health, so they can practically leverage more peace and joy and withstand difficulties in their daily life.

With our plan, bettering your emotional health is simple.
Join and get access to our platform and private community.
Access our on-demand courses equipping you with the 6-step plan for flourishing emotional health.
Attend monthly live workshops and therapist Q&As to learn how to practically apply the skills in every area of life (work, relationships, etc.)

Fun Features to Enjoyco+

Photo of a man sitting at a desk smiling and working on his computer. Do you struggle with managing your symptoms from past trauma? Discover how EMDR therapy in Nashville, TN can help you process your emotions and being coping in healthy ways.

On-Demand Courses

Our courses provide robust curriculum and tools you can easily consume to build the five emotional health skills.
Upcoming courses:
* Mindset & Self-Talk
* Delicate Boundaries
* The Burnout Cure
And more.

Monthly Live Workshops

Our team of therapists and coaches will help you practically apply the skills in every day life. We'll cover topics such as how to heal money anxiety, how to enjoy exercise, how to handle conflict in your relationships, and more.

Image of a smiling older woman wearing a white shirt. Discover how a therapist at Enjoyco can help you with trauma, anxiety, and more!

Match with a Therapist (coming soon)

Is it ever really hard to find a good therapist? We train and certify quality therapists in our frameworks. With this feature coming soon, we'll match you with a quality therapist in your state if you want to engage in this material through therapy.

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$ 20 Monthly with code FOUNDER2023
  • Private Community
  • Access to On-Demand Courses & Tools
  • Monthly Live Workshops
  • Match with a Certified Therapist (coming soon)


$ 199 Annual with code FOUNDER2023
  • Private Community
  • Access to On-Demand Courses & Tools
  • Monthly Live Workshops
  • Match with a Certified Therapist (coming soon)
  • BONUS: Buy One, Get One - gift an annual membership to someone you love!


Enjoyco+ is an all-access membership where you will get on-demand courses and live monthly workshops to implement our 6-step plan for flourishing emotional health.

The workshops will take place on the third Wednesday of every month. They will cover how to practically apply the plan in all areas of life, including work, relationships, marriage, money, and more.

Yes! Everyone will get a replay 48 hours after the event.

Yes, everything is virtual with the membership.

No, this is not a substitute for therapy. This is therapeutic coaching and counseling education. However, once we launch our therapist matching program, you can take this work to an Enjoyco certified therapist to do deeper work.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I thought depression took everything and I would never be able to smile again. I thought life belonged to all other people and there was no spot in this world for me. Thank you so much for your tenderness and patience. Thank you for making me believe again in myself and encouraging me to enjoy every new day.


Enjoyco Therapy Client

Having done several organizational training sessions, this one stood apart as engaging, practical, and relevant. As a trauma-informed workplace, we often encounter secondary trauma - the effects of which set in without being noticed until the signs of burnout are glaringly obvious. I am grateful for this practical toolset to help us be more vigilant for ourselves and our teams - enabling us to run the long race.

Thistle Farms

Enjoyco Teams Client

When starting my time with Enjoyco, I was shut down and hesitant to start therapy. However, my therapist met me where I was at with patience and wisdom. I have found that I can welcome both tears and laughter during our therapy sessions. I have learned that our emotions are here to guide us, not something to be ashamed of. I will be forever thankful that therapy has given me the tools I need to reclaim my inner landscape and live a life full of meaning, curiosity, and joy.


Enjoyco Therapy Client

I have been working with Enjoyco for more than two years now. Not only is my therapist well read and well prepared, but her intuition and empathy are a true gift. She has helped me navigate guilt and shame which has allowed me to see the joy in my life. Now several of my best friends work with Enjoyco and their therapist have had a profound impact on us all. It's amazing to see the changes in yourself, and beautiful to see them in people you love.


Enjoyco Therapy Client
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