How to Find Joy in the Midst of Worry

“The true essence of joy is assessing reality and seeing the true, clear picture of what is happening and finding the joy through, beneath, and around any circumstance.”

How to Embrace the Waiting with Barb Hill

“One of the reasons waiting is so uncomfortable and painful is because there is so much grief wrapped up around it.”

Emotionally Healthy Productivity with Blake Stratton

What if your life didn’t need to be filled with strain, stress, and anxiety in order to pursue your goals?

Vulnerability and Ending Isolation with Aaron Walker

“Isolation is the enemy of excellence. If you really want to level up in life, you’ve got to have confident, capable people around you that really know you intimately to help you make those decisions.”

How to Assume the Best in People

“Consistently assuming the worst in others only trains the narrative of our mind to keep assuming the worst in others.”

10 Signs of Unsafe People

“At their core, people aren’t safe or unsafe. It’s how they act that is unsafe.”

Building Fun Friendships in an Isolated World with Blake Blankenbecler

“If you are having trouble with your friends, it doesn’t mean you are a bad friend; It means you are a human friend.”

The Right Way to Change Your Thoughts

“As thoughts repeat, they cement themselves into beliefs. However, you can’t just convince yourself to repeat something that you feel deep-down is actually a lie.”

Setting Boundaries for Your Emotions & Relationships with Dr. Alison Cook

“We are often conditioned to please other people, to perform for other people, to produce for other people, as opposed to showing up as we really are.”