Panic Attacks & Anxious Spirals

When we have experienced chronic panic attacks, we tend to fear our body’s response and we can no longer see what is triggering it.

Attachment Styles: How to Build Secure Relationships

The unhealthy attachment styles are overdeveloped because they have worked for us in the past.

A Practical Plan for Emotional Health

“When you get self-awareness right you can make clear, wise decisions for your life.”

The Gift of Grief

“When we fail to grieve, we hold onto things we were meant to put down a long time ago.”

An Exciting Start to the Year!

“We wrote Start From Joy because people are trapped in compounding cycles of shame, guilt, and fear.”

How to Celebrate for the New Year

“People often struggle with celebration because other things hold their attention.”

How to Break Relational Patterns

“The goal of relationships is interdependence where we can share ourselves without completely losing ourselves.”

How to Stop Overwork & Enjoy Your Work

“My emotions, my joy, everything was chained to the success of my work.”

How to Heal Money Anxiety & Shame

“Normalizing money means acknowledging that there is nothing inherently shameful or wrong about money. We can talk about it, stay present with it, and treat it as a neutral part of life, not as something evil or negative.”