10 Signs of Unsafe People

“At their core, people aren’t safe or unsafe. It’s how they act that is unsafe.”

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We are surrounded by relationships with people. And while we don’t always get to choose the people around us, like our co-workers and family members, we do have a responsibility to construct boundaries wherever necessary around those relationships that keep us safe. The key to doing this well is to be able to identify who is or isn’t a safe person. When we can surround ourselves with safe relationships, we can thrive emotionally and have the foundation to construct healthy boundaries. In today’s episode, Neal and Carly are jumping into the 10 signs that tell us if someone is unsafe!

Key Takeaways

  • “A safe person is anyone that is present with you, kind and generous with you, and honest with you.”
  • By recognizing that people are not safe or unsafe at their core, but rather it is their behavior that makes them safe or unsafe, you are providing room for them to learn and change their actions in the future.
  • Learning how to identify the yellow and red flags of people who are acting unsafely is key to our own safety and healing.
  • “Things can’t remain the same forever. For relationships to thrive, we have to invite growth and change.”
  • If someone responds to you with a platitude instead of empathy, that is usually a sign that they cannot handle tough emotions.
  • You can and should have relationships that are safe. You can also be in relationship with people that act unsafely at times, but you have to set healthy boundaries to keep yourself safe in those contexts.
  • “A trait of an unsafe person is that they are resistant to your change.”
  • “If you are a safe person for others, you will draw safe people in.”

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