Vulnerability and Ending Isolation with Aaron Walker

“Isolation is the enemy of excellence. If you really want to level up in life, you’ve got to have confident, capable people around you that really know you intimately to help you make those decisions.”

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What comes to mind when we say “isolation?” Is it something like a small island with a lone palm tree? We all can feel this way at times, whether that is due to a recent move or maybe a friend that has pulled away. But on an even deeper level, the truth is we all shy away from being vulnerable with those around us, creating an environment that actually isolates us more. Today we’re welcoming Aaron Walker on to the podcast, whose mission is to eradicate vulnerability and help men transform their lives. Aaron shares what it looks like to truly be vulnerable with others, why community and connection matters deeply, and more. Listen in!

Guest Bio

Aaron Walker is the founder and president of View from the Top, a group that is dedicated to connecting men with other men to support and guide one another spiritually and in their business. He has made it his personal mission to eradicate isolation. Aaron found his people when he was invited to a group by Dave Ramsey which included Dan Miller. Aaron lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Robin, and has two daughters and five grandchildren.

Key Takeaways

  • We need someone to ask us deep and vulnerable questions on a regular basis.
  • “The truth is we don’t feel comfortable in most church settings to be vulnerable because we are only with them for a few minutes.”
  • You don’t have to worry too much about what others who aren’t in your close circle think about you. You are living your life; they aren’t.
  • Beware of asking people to weigh in on our lives when they know nothing about us; they will give a blanket answer that may lead us to the wrong decision.
  • “We have to be careful about taking advice from people that don’t have the data.”
  • The most valuable asset of a close friend is perspective.
  • It’s better to feel silly in front of your close friends than in front of the masses.
  • When we are vulnerable with others, it creates a bond with them that gives them permission to do the same.
  • Who is helping you make decisions and loves you enough to tell you the truth?

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