Practicing Healthy Growth for Leaders with Alex Judd

“If you are not personally growing, there is no way you’re effectively leading.”

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Have you ever sacrificed your personal growth to accomplish a business goal? We often make this choice in our careers thinking it will make us better leaders when in reality it is halting us in our tracks. In this episode, we are discussing what it means to practice healthy growth as a leader, aspects of emotional health entrepreneurs often get wrong, the importance of humility, and so much more. No one knows more about this than Alex Judd, founder and CEO of Path for Growth, a business built to serve the impact-driven leader through teachings, resources, and coaching. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

Guest Bio

Alex Judd is the founder and CEO of Path for Growth, a business dedicated to teaching, training, and coaching that helps impact-driven leaders practice healthy growth. Alex previously hosted the EntreLeadership podcast at Ramsey Solutions and has a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications. He lives in Arizona and enjoys the outdoors, marathons, and a big bowl of salsa with chips!

Key Takeaways

  • Leaders often short-change their personal growth to hit organizational goals.
  • “If you can’t find contentment and joy with what you have today, you’re not going to find it by hustling. You’re not going to find it by reaching some destination or goal.”
  • Always striving for goals robs us of ever experiencing contentment and reflecting on how we can improve.
  • “Stop denying your weaknesses and start owning them.” Leaders should seek feedback and actually address the areas of their life that require growth.
  • Your personal growth will directly impact how well or poorly you lead others.
  • “Your ability to hear and receive truth will never exceed your ability to hear and receive grace.”
  • “It’s not the absence of hustle; it’s about the heart behind your hustle.”
  • How are you giving your people a reason to stay beyond a number on a paycheck?

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