How to Embrace the Waiting with Barb Hill

"One of the reasons waiting is so uncomfortable and painful is because there is so much grief wrapped up around it.”

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Most of us would say that we don’t enjoy waiting. It can be very uncomfortable, frustrating, and even nerve-wracking! Because of this, we often miss the gift that is there to be discovered in the waiting. Our guest today is Barb Hill, a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and author of Seasons of Waiting. Whatever kind of season of waiting you’re in, listen in to today’s conversation as we dig into what we can learn from embracing waiting and how waiting seasons can transform our lives for the better.

Guest Bio

Barb Hill is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, author, and Enneagram 2. Her approach to therapy is tailored to the unique stories, needs, and personalities of each client. Barb founded Holding Space Counseling, a private practice in Franklin, TN created out of the desire to create a safe space for people to shed their old narratives and embrace a brave new story. When she’s not seeing clients, she’s likely out grabbing coffee with a friend, writing, or walking her dog, Nash.

Key Takeaways

  • “Waiting is a universal human experience. There is no way that any of us can move through life without being confronted by those little and big moments of waiting.”
  • Our tendency when we are confronted with a season of waiting is to think, “It shouldn’t be this way. Things shouldn’t be this hard.”
  • When we see waiting as an obstacle in the way of our joy and happiness, we are only preventing ourselves from experiencing the good things in our present reality.
  • Waiting does not mean you need to be passive or are powerless. We can be active participants in the process and recognize the goodness before our very eyes instead of thinking of good things being separated from us by waiting.
  • Resist the urge to bypass the process. Growth and transformation require discomfort.
  • “One of the reasons waiting is so uncomfortable and painful is because there is so much grief wrapped up around it.”

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