How Each Enneagram Type Experiences Emotions

Do you love the Enneagram and emotions? Then you'll love nerding out with us in this episode.

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The Enneagram is a personality tool that reveals your core motivations and desires with astonishing clarity. Beth and Jeff McCord are some of the leading teachers on the Enneagram today, and in this episode, Neal nerds out with them on how each type experiences emotions. Neal, Beth, and Jeff go through each Enneagram type and reveals their relationship to emotions, and how we can all move toward healthier emotional living.

Beth McCord Jeff McCord

Guests Bio

Beth and Jeff McCord are the founders of Your Enneagram Coach, the leading platform in certifying Enneagram coaches. Beth McCord is an Enneagram speaker, coach, and teacher for over 17 years. She is passionate about coming alongside individuals and helping them re-write their story, allowing them to see that lasting change, meaningful relationships, and a life of deep purpose is possible. This passion is what drove her to create this community, a safe place for individuals to explore the Enneagram.

Jeff has a Masters of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary, as well as multiple certifications in couples facilitation, counseling, family mediation, and Gospel coaching. He’s served as Executive Pastor, Director, Pastor of Ministries and Discipleship for several churches and organizations over the last 22 years. He and Beth founded Your Enneagram Coach with the mission of helping people see themselves with astonishing clarity, so they can break free from self-condemnation, fear, shame through the unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ.

Key Takeaways

  • Knowing your Enneagram type can bring great clarity into your motivations, desires, and behaviors.
  • You are more than your number. We draw different qualities from other types. You can’t be pigeonholed to just one number.
  • Each type had a different relationship with emotions.


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