Emotionally Healthy Productivity with Blake Stratton

What if your life didn't need to be filled with strain, stress, and anxiety in order to pursue your goals?

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The balancing act between ambition, work, and commitment to family is a difficult one! We can feel like our best years with our family are slipping away when we focus on getting other things done. Additionally, so many of us are stuck in a never-ending loop of disappointment in goals yet to be achieved. In this episode, we are joined by Blake Stratton, a good friend of ours and a growth and productivity specialist. We are talking about how to get your productivity in order, not only to actually accomplish more in your life, but to redefine what success looks like and be emotionally healthy along the way. Listen in!

Guest Bio

Blake Stratton is a growth and productivity specialist with years of experience training and coaching groups of all sizes. His passion is to help others discover that they don’t need to let the “good years” slip away because they are too focused on success at work. Blake challenges others to change their idea of “productivity” and escape the endless grind. As a husband and father, Blake is passionate about passing on the principles and tools that have given him professional wins and—even more importantly—success at home.

Key Takeaways

  • We often feel like we are in this loop of busyness that causes us to strive and strive to achieve, just out of motivation to relieve our anxiety.
  • “I learned a different path towards goal achievement that was more than just the doing of the stuff.”
  • We need to begin with feeling good so that we can achieve, rather than achieving to feel good.
  • “If you can never feel those good emotions until you have achieved, then only a fraction of your life is going to feel any good ever.”
  • If you feel more relief at completing a task than the joy of reaching a goal, that may be an indicator that you are operating from an emotionally unhealthy place.
  • “Those negative emotions are invitations and indicators about what perspective you are practicing.”
  • We can start by looking inward and clarifying what we actually want and what it would feel like if we already had it.

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