The Gift of Grief

"When we fail to grieve, we hold onto things we were meant to put down a long time ago."

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We’re excited for the new year and everything it has in store. We know that while some people may have welcomed the new year with cheer, others may have felt a lack of hope or disappointment. If you fall into the latter group, this episode is for you! We recently had an episode all about celebration, but we realized we didn’t address the other half of the equation: grief. Today, we want to talk about how grief is actually a healthy process. We hope this encourages you no matter how you are starting off the new year.

Key Takeaways

  • Grief isn’t just when we lose someone. Grief is underneath a lot of change, and it can occur when we have lost a dream or feel disappointed.
  • “When we actually take the time to grieve, that is what leads us to hope.”
  • If you find yourself rushing into the next thing to ignore your feelings, you are likely trying to avoid the pain of grief.
  • The first step is to reframe grief as a good and healthy process. Don’t be afraid of your grief.
  • Make space and slow down regularly to allow grief to run its course. You can do this by journaling, praying, meditating, or talking with a friend about the things you are grieving.
  • Grief isn’t just crying. It is a ritual. This could look like writing a letter and then burning it. It could look like going to a boxing club to punch some things. Or it could look like finding some glass stuff to safely break. A grieving ritual is about finding an activity that has meaning to you and honors and mourns what is lost.
  • The goal of grief is to have acceptance and to be able to move forward.

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