Healing Your Relationship to Anger

"Without anger in my life, there was nothing I felt passionate enough about to take action."

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Anger is a tough emotion for so many. For some of us, we struggle with rage and explosive anger. For others of us (like Neal shares is his experience), we actually haven’t allowed ourselves to feel anger at all. If you come from a background where anger meant destruction, abuse, or that you were in an unsafe situation, you might, like Neal, have a hard time letting yourself feel anger or know what to do with it. In this shorter episode, Carly and Neal want to help you take the first step to view anger as a good and necessary emotion and share how you can use anger in healthy and productive ways.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s okay to get angry.
  • Anger, when used in a healthy and productive way, gives us the gift of passion. It stirs us up to take action to right the wrongs in the world.
  • “When we lean into the gift of anger, we help people. When we lean into the toxic side of anger, we hurt people.”
  • An unhealthy way to release anger is often anything that gives us a fast relief from it. These are things like picking fights on social media, yelling at our kids, or responding in a rage.
  • The first step for all of us is to get curious about what passion is underneath our anger (or our lack of anger).
  • Anger has to flow somewhere. It will become a swamp when you try to keep it in.

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