Can You Actually Find Joy in Suffering?

"Finding joy in suffering is not about faking happiness. You don’t have to be happy."

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Is it possible to be joyful in suffering? And if it is, how do we do it? I am so excited for my first solo episode! Carly has done a few solo episodes already, but this will be my first! And it’s a doozy of a topic. I’m talking about finding joy in the midst of suffering. This is by far one of the hardest situations to find joy in, but I’m about to give you some tips on how to find joy even while you are suffering.

Key Takeaways

  • Joy is a deep internal gladness inspired by hope, purpose, and delight.
  • Taking time to process pain and grief is necessary to reach true joy.
  • Cultivate hope as a skill, which can be learned and developed.
  • Reflect on your past experiences to learn how to hope and build resilience.
  • Joy is not the absence of pain, but the ability to find hope and purpose in the midst of it.

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