How to Heal Money Anxiety & Shame

“Normalizing money means acknowledging that there is nothing inherently shameful or wrong about money. We can talk about it, stay present with it, and treat it as a neutral part of life, not as something evil or negative.”

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Have you ever thought, “If I just had a little more money, it would take care of my problems?” Or perhaps you’ve thought, “Money is evil and corrupts those who have it.” Regardless of which money camp you may land in, these are both examples of unhealthy emotional relationships with money. Last week on the podcast, we started talking about how we can heal our emotional relationships with different areas of our lives. And today, we are talking all about how we can heal our relationships with money!

Key Takeaways

  • Our self-worth is not dependent on our net worth.
  • The two false scripts around money are: The Money Mind & The Money Blind.
  • The Money Mind script says, “If I could only have more money, then I would be happy.”
  • The Money Blind script says, “Money is evil and corrupts people.” This mindset avoids thinking about money and associates this avoidance with being a “good” person.
  • The first step to healing this relationship with money is learning how you approach money.
  • Create and follow a spending plan that guides you through using your money purposefully.
  • Normalize money by talking about it with your partner regularly.
  • Spend your money on things that fit your values.

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