How to Navigate Fear & Anxiety

Do you find yourself continually thinking, stressing, checking, worrying, re-checking, but never feeling any better? You're not alone.

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Inside the Episode

It’s time for us to have a conversation about our most commonly requested topic! What is that, you ask? Fear and anxiety. This is a HUGE part of many people’s stories (including our own) so we know this topic is such an important part of life to address. In this episode, we hope to shed some light on the difference between fear and anxiety, how to navigate fear and anxiety, and how you can feel more grounded and confident in your life.

Key Takeaways

  • Fear is present-focused, while anxiety is more future-focused.
  • Fear tends to have a specific trigger, while anxiety is often about the unknown.
  • Fear is designed to push us to take action and protect ourselves. (Like we share in this episode, this can actually be helpful sometimes!)
  • Anxiety affects our body, mind, and our behaviors.
  • Our typical responses to anxiety are avoidance, worry, and defensiveness.
  • The first step to managing anxiety is to get out of your head and into your body. This could be deep breathing, stretching, getting outside, exercising, or anything that is a physical action.
  • When anxious, redirect your thoughts to something purposeful and ask yourself, “What is one wise next step I can take that is within my control?”
  • “We think we are doing something about the problem by worrying about it, but we’re not. We are just spending more real estate of our minds thinking about the problem.”

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