Panic Attacks & Anxious Spirals

When we have experienced chronic panic attacks, we tend to fear our body’s response and we can no longer see what is triggering it.

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Are you ready to take control of your emotions and learn practical ways to manage panic attacks and anxious spirals? Look no further! Today we have a solo episode with Carly where she dives deep into this important topic and answers a listener’s question. 4.7% of adults in America will experience a panic disorder at some point in their lifetime, and we want to ensure you have the tools to navigate these challenging moments.* Whether you’ve struggled with this for years or only in certain situations, we’re here to empower you and leave you feeling in charge of your emotions.

But remember, we intend to educate and empower you, not to substitute therapy. So, take what you learn here and seek individual therapy if you want to know more about how it might apply to your life.

Key Takeaways

  • Panic attacks are psychological and physiological responses to a perceived threat.
  • Panic attacks occur when we respond to the “tigers” inside of us rather than one in the room.
  • People that have panic attacks tend to also be those that are burned out, overworked, tired, trying to do it all, going through significant life changes, and struggling with perfectionism.
  • While these reactions are scary, remember that you will be alright. We have to learn how to overcome the fear of our body’s reaction to get to the root of what is triggering our response.
  • Start by learning how to counter your body’s fear responses when they are just starting.
  • Consider going to therapy to uncover the core negative beliefs that fuel panic attacks and anxious spirals.

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