How to Break Relational Patterns

"The goal of relationships is interdependence where we can share ourselves without completely losing ourselves."

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Have you ever struggled with relationships? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! But the good news is that building emotionally healthy relationships with the things we want to change in our lives can be a fun and rewarding journey. So don’t give up! This episode is all about sharing tips and strategies to help you navigate those tricky relationship waters and find lasting fulfillment. Trust us, it’ll be so worth it in the end.

Key Takeaways

  • Some of the most common false scripts about relationships are the ones that are about what it means to be happy.
  • People who believe that their relationship is everything tend toward co-dependent behaviors.
  • On the other extreme, some people tend to undervalue relationships and be too independent. They may even be anti-dependent, believing they can’t depend on others.
  • The goal is to be between these two extremes and have interdependence in relationships.
  • Relationships are not meant to satisfy us entirely, but they are worth it.
  • Start by taking care of your needs, then advocate for your needs in relationships.
  • If you have relational wounds that have caused you to mistrust relationships, take the time to understand where that trust was first broken. These relational wounds can be healed, but that only happens in relationships.

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