The Emotional Side of Fitness with Rickey Lane Jasper

Emotional health is the foundation on which everything else, including fitness, is built.

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Has summer got you wanting to hit the gym more? Or maybe you are looking to go from dad bod to summer bod? Summer has a way of making a lot of us want to get fit, healthy, and just be more active. However, too often we approach fitness from an emotionally unhealthy place like shame, guilt, or fear. We don’t want that for you! Today, Neal is joined by Rickey Lane Jasper to talk about how we can approach fitness with an emotionally-healthy mindset. We loved Rickey’s insight in this conversation!

Guest Bio

Rickey Lane Jasper is an entrepreneur and founder of Four Thirteen Apparel. He works in cyber security full-time, but his love of fitness led Rickey to start an online fitness training company and get his National Academy of Sports Medicine certification. Rickey blends all of his passions by using his love of technology to further his passion for fitness and fitness apparel.

Key Takeaways

  • “Life feels lighter and more free when I prioritize emotional health above all else.”
  • Emotional health plays a big part in your physical health.
  • Intentionality around how you start the day influences your intentionality throughout the rest of the day.
  • Fitness goals should be to mark progress on our journey, not to validate our worth. It’s important to remember that fitness is an ongoing journey, not just reaching a short-term goal.
  • Shame comes when we don’t give ourselves space to make mistakes.
  • “When we start our fitness journey from a place of guilt, shame, or fear, we compromise our emotional health and sabotage the positive change we want to make.”
  • Start by investing in your emotional health. When you start prioritizing fitness, do the things you enjoy doing.
  • Prioritize rest and actually rest during that time.



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