How to Embody a Start from Joy Lifestyle

“The mistake a lot of people make with joy is they believe it’s all about being happy.”

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If you’ve been following along for a while, then you know our book, Start From Joy, is hitting shelves at the beginning of 2023. But before that happens, we wanted to do a special episode about what it means to “start from joy.” What do we mean when we say “start from joy,” and why do we all need it to lead a fulfilling life? Listen in as we take some time to unpack how we view joy and how you can begin your own start from joy lifestyle!

Key Takeaways

  • “Joy is the internal gladness inspired by purpose, hope, and delight.”
  • When you have joy, you are able to let loose, play, feel safe, take risks, and be fully engaged in your life.
  • Joy is one of the most powerful emotions, but we rarely feel it. We tend to feel stuck in emotions like fear, shame, and guilt.
  • While there are no bad emotions, emotions become toxic when we get stuck in them, and they cause us to repeat emotional patterns.
  • One of the reasons we repeat emotional patterns is because it feels too painful to face them.
  • Joy is not found at the destination. Instead, it is found along the way, and we can uncover it at the beginning of our journey.
  • Make it fun! This is how we like to add the delight piece of joy to changing our behaviors and making progress in our lives.

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