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If your time off is more recovery than rejuvenation, that may be a sign your whole being is not being cared for.

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We are in the middle of an unprecedented, global mental health crisis and that is playing out in many work cultures. The Great Resignation emerged out of post-pandemic trauma and we are seeing an increased awareness of emotional safety in the workplace culture. Geek out with us on today’s episode as we are joined by the queen of crafting emotionally healthy work cultures, Suzie Barbour, COO at Your Enneagram Coach. In this episode, we explore what makes a work culture emotionally safe, healthy, and fun, what you should look for in your workplace, and why a majority of employees find a healthy work culture more valuable than making money.

Guest Bio

Suzie Barbour is the COO of Your Enneagram Coach. She is passionate about helping leaders sustainably scale their businesses and design lives that they absolutely love! Suzie has done this for over 15 years, as well as create fun work cultures and helped HR Departments establish communication and team building. Suzie is an Enneagram enthusiast and certified Kolbe Consultant.

Key Takeaways

  • “The world has collectively been through trauma before but not at a scale where it has been shared because of social media the way it has through the pandemic.”
  • If your time off is more recovery than rejuvenation, that may be a sign that your whole being is not being cared for.
  • A healthy work culture is not one that is perfect, but one that is honest.
  • We need to be asking ourselves, does my workload allow for life (crisis, sickness, stress, etc…) to happen?
  • You don’t have to stay in a work culture that does not serve you well mentally and emotionally.
  • “Organizational pride is often what gets in the way of emotional health and safety at work.”
  • Exit culture is a key indicator of whether a work culture is safe. The ability to express a need and still feel safe is another key indicator.
  • When we know better, we need to do better.

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