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In this trailer episode, Neal and Carly share their vision behind the Start from Joy podcast, and why joy matters for our world today. If you find yourself exhausted, burnt out, stressed, and frustrated with daily life, but can’t put your finger on what’s happening beneath the surface, this podcast is for you. You’ll discover how healthy emotional living leads to our greatest changes in life. You’ll also hear from experts, authors, and influencers on how you can bring greater emotional awareness into different areas of life like your marriage, money, work, health, and more. Tune into the Start from Joy podcast every week.


About Neal & Carly

Neal and Carly are the co-founders of Enjoyco, an emotional health and wellness company helping individuals enjoy positive change through therapy, workshops, courses, and more. They are also the authors of the upcoming book, Start from Joy, releasing in bookstores everywhere January 2023. Neal and Carly live with their son, Jude, and dog, Noble, just outside of Nashville, TN where they love to explore coffee shops, read fun books, and randomly start beatboxing and singing acapella.

Key Takeaways

  • Joy is the internal gladness inspired by hope, purpose, and delight.
  • The ability to experience joy signals healthy emotional living.
  • We need to have more conversations about pursuing emotional health in everything we do.

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