Therapy vs. Coaching: Which Do You Need?

“If you are struggling from a trauma or hurt in the past and those past wounds and hurts are affecting your present, therapy is right for you.”

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We have heard many people use the words “therapy” and “coaching” interchangeably. But are they really the same? How are they different? When we are feeling stuck in life, we know that we need a little help but it can be difficult to know what exactly we need to get unstuck. In this episode, we are exploring what makes therapy and coaching unique and give you the tools to decide which one is right for you!

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Key Takeaways

  • Therapy helps you heal the past. Coaching helps you design the future.
  • Therapy is about intervention. Coaching is about potential.
  • Coaching can be especially helpful when people are depending on you to be your best self.
  • Therapy is for those who struggle to see the vision for change, whereas coaching is for those who have a clearer vision for change.
  • This isn’t about optimism. It’s hard to visualize change when you don’t know the change you are seeking.
  • You have the freedom to “try out” a therapist or coach to see if they are a good fit for what you need.

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