Redefining Success with Tim Schurrer

“Do we have to walk on the moon to be happy?”

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Is your life not “going according to plan?” Maybe you expected to be married, or further in your career, or have a higher number in your bank account by now. These beliefs are called “false scripts.” They appear when we place an expectation of how our life will go based on ideas we get from culture, family expectations, trauma, or past life experiences. But the truth is that life doesn’t always fit a script, and when we base our success on those milestones occurring, we are actually robbing ourselves of happiness and joy. In today’s conversation, we are joined by Tim Schurrer. Tim is the author of The Secret Society of Success. He’s learned a lot about how to redefine success so we can be happier and more joyful in our lives, and today we’re talking all about it!

Guest Bio

Tim Schurrer knows what it takes to build a winning team. He spent almost a decade of his career launching two brands, StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, alongside New York Times bestselling author, Donald Miller. Before that Tim worked at TOMS as well as Apple Inc. He is also the host of the Build a Winning Team podcast, where he offers listeners actionable advice as he interviews some of the top leaders in business. Tim lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Katie, and their two kids.</span

Key Takeaways


  • When you listen to false scripts, they are causing you to delay happiness until you achieve the things you believe should happen.
  • Our culture is consistently sending us messages that feed into the Spotlight Mindset.
  • If success isn’t money, fame, and power, what is it? “We need to start a conversation about what success is from a meaningful, sustainable perspective.”
  • Our relationships with others can suffer because of an unhealthy definition of success.
  • What if we redefined success through the lens of helping others instead of centering it on ourselves?
  • Focus on the process rather than the milestone of success.
  • “Success is in the process and joy is in the journey.”



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