5 Steps to Stop Toxic Thinking

“A well-managed thought life means we accept both our positive and negative thoughts but don’t see them as absolute truth.”

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Inside the Episode

Do you struggle with stress and anxiety that stems from toxic thinking? Well, we gave a killer training all about the 5 steps to stop toxic thinking. As we were giving this training, all we could think about was how many other people would benefit from it. So we decide to make it a podcast episode! We took the audio from the training and are sharing our proprietary 5-step process to stop those pesky negative beliefs that get in the way of your best life. Listen in!

Key Takeaways

  • A well-managed thought life is about adding structure to our thoughts.
  • Our thoughts and emotions are not absolute truths – they are data.
  • “When we accept our thoughts as truth, we don’t slow down our thoughts, pause, and observe them for what they are.”
  • Repeated thoughts become beliefs and beliefs need evidence in order to survive.
  • “We are in charge of building the evidence for positive beliefs we want to embody.”
  • Gratitude shapes our thinking to pay attention to the good.

5 Steps to Stop Toxic Thinking

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