Building an Unhurried Life

“The reason we don’t have an unhurried life is because we feel like we have to say yes to everything.”

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It’s me, Neal! And I’ve got another solo episode for you because I want to talk about building an unhurried lifestyle. Does any of this sound like you? You frequently switch lines at the grocery store to find the shortest one, change lanes in traffic because the one next to you is going faster, rush through tasks, or constantly feel behind on your to-do list. If so, you might have something called “hurry sickness.” In this episode, I’m sharing the difference between busyness and hurriedness as well as giving some practical steps on how to build a life that is marked by unhurriedness and peace!

Key Takeaways

  • Hurried is different from busy. Busy is what’s on your schedule. Hurry is how you are responding to your schedule.
  • Time is not our enemy.
  • To start, we need to feel like what we do matters. We have to find our purpose in what we do.
  • Discover your priorities. This helps you define what you invest your time doing. Anything else doesn’t deserve a place on your schedule.
  • Priorities act as a filter.
  • Create practices. These are the things that eliminate hurry and set you on a path to focus on your priorities.
  • Practices create order in your schedule and daily life.

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