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The Ultimate Guide to Rebuild Your Joy in 2022 was based off of the very strategies inside Neal and Carly’s new book, Start from Joy (releasing January 3rd). Pre-order it to claim your FREE bonuses today!

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Create Your Joy Plan in a Day Virtual Live Event

Your book is your ticket to get free access for a goal setting and emotional health event that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced. Deadline: 01/03/23

90 Days of Joy Community

End the year with joy by joining Neal, Carly, and other experts inside a community dedicated to helping you having joy. Receive free live trainings and excerpts from the book. Deadline: 9/30/22

Lasting Change Assessment

Is your emotional health getting in the way of real change? With this assessment, you’ll discover the real blockade to changing your health, relationships, money, and work.

From Burned Out to Fulfilled Training

Feeling burned out? Is nothing working? Instantly receive this training to help you customize your strategies to solve burnout and exhaustion in your life.

Who Said Positive Change Had to Be So Hard?

You’ve probably heard it said before…
If you want to change your life for the better, you have to try harder. Push through the blood, sweat, and tears. Hustle. White-knuckle your way through the hard emotions. Be “mentally tough.”

If that approach appeals to you, Start from Joy isn’t for you.

Photo of an Asian mother helping her two daughters color. Are you struggling with past trauma symptoms? Learn how to manage your symptoms with the help of trauma therapy in Nashville, TN.

Start from Joy details a new way to approach positive change, one that doesn’t begin from a place of shame, guilt, and fear, but rather from a place of joy. Whether you want to deepen your relationships, get healthier, be debt-free, and more, Start from Joy will teach you how to do this with joy.

Built from Christian insights and the latest findings in positive psychology and therapy, Start from Joy unveils the seven principles for changing your life from an emotionally-healthy perspective.

It’s time to finally break patterns and build the fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed.

You Can’t Create Lasting Positive Change without Healthy Emotional Living

Start from Joy is your guide to creating lasting results without shame, guilt, and fear.

Releasing January 3, 2023

How Start from Joy Will Change Your Life

Your small investment in this book will result in the following benefits…

Learn how the four gifts of joy can help you stick to healthy patterns

Renew your perspective on money and build new financial habits

Bring emotional awareness back into your life

Heal your emotional relationship with work

Discover how to prioritize play and fun

Break relational patterns that leave you stressed and anxious

Interrupt old patterns of behavior

Find lasting joy and positive change

Ditch diets and heal your relationship with food and your body

End the influence of toxic positivity on your emotional health.

Reviews that Made Us Jump for Joy

Here’s your guide to living in such a way that joy shows up - every day!

Dan Miller

Bestselling Author

Neal and Carly are two of the most joyful people I’ve ever met.

Jeff Brown

Podcast Host

The solution to the invisible barrier we all face with positive change.

Brian Dixon

Author and Entrepreneur

There are no better guides for joy out there than Neal and Carly.

Beth McCord

Founder of Your Enneagram Coach

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Step 1: Buy the book

Grab your copy of Start from Joy from your favorite retailer

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Create Your Joy Plan in a Day Virtual Live Event
90 Days of Joy Community (Deadline: 9/30/22)
Lasting Change Assessment
From Burned Out to Fulfilled Training

Meet Neal and Carly

Hailed as the Chip and Joanna Gaines of emotional health, Neal and Carly Samudre are on a mission to help people enjoy positive change.

They are the cofounders of Enjoyco, an emotional health and wellness company that offers transformative therapy, workshops, and groups. Through Enjoyco, they work to simplify emotional health and wellness so you can create positive change that lasts.

They live just outside of Nashville, TN with their joy-filled son, Jude, and anxious but loveable dog, Noble.

Start Your Year with Emotional Wellness

In these tumultuous times, Start from Joy is a welcome invitation back to fun and joy. Begin your year with emotional wellness by preordering Start from Joy today.

Releasing January 3, 2023

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