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Help Your Teen Feel Confident with Therapy in Nashville, TN

Photo of Enjoyco Founders Neal and Carly Samudre. Are you struggling to overcome trauma, anxiety, or more? Discover how emdr therapy in Nashville, TN can help you begin processing your emotions in a healthy way.

Be the Parent Who Knows What to Do for Your Teen

The modern-day teen is more anxious than ever. As a parent, this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, like you don’t know what your teen needs to thrive.

The good news is, you don’t have to carry this burden on your own.

By bringing your teen to a qualified teenage therapist, you can help them navigate their anxiety with a healthy outlet. 

It’s time to bring your teen to a licensed professional therapist at Enjoyco.

Image of three happy teens jumping outside. If your teen is struggling to effectively manage their emotions on their own, discover how teen counseling in Nashville, TN can help provide them support to cope.

How Does Counseling for Teens at Enjoyco Work?

Many of the teens who enter our office seek support for their overwhelming anxiety or depression. To start our work, we equip them with immediate coping skills to better navigate these waves of emotions. 

From there, we work to identify root causes for what brings them to therapy. Through this work, we’re able to deliver healing and relief for their mental health conditions. They learn to rely less on their coping skills and instead adopt a newfound sense of joy and flourishing.

Get your teen matched with a therapist for teens in Brentwood or Nashville, TN today. 

Teen Counseling is Right for Your Child If They ...

  • Struggle with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem
  • Feel pushed to their limit
  • Constantly manage expectations and battle perfectionism
  • Are overwhelmed by school work and extracurriculars
  • Overthink and worry about issues you don’t understand
  • Have social media and their mobile devices affecting their emotional life
  • Hate their body or how they look
  • Desire a life of freedom, peace, and joy

Image of a smiling teen boy wearing sunglasses and headphones. If your teen struggles to manage their anxiety or depression, learn how teen counseling in Nashville or Brentwood, TN can help support them and learn to cope in healthy ways.

How Can Teen Counseling Help?

A teen doesn’t have to of had a traumatic experience to benefit from counseling. With rising social pressure and school demands, it’s healthy for teens to seek counseling for many reasons.

First off, counseling can help teens boost their self-esteem and view of themselves. In a world where teens constantly judge themselves by what they see on social media, counseling can help introduce a compassionate and loving view of themselves.

Secondly, teen counseling can help teens build inner strength and confidence. This confidence can help them navigate stressors in their social and school life.

If you want your teen to thrive, then consider bringing them to meet with one of our trained Enjoyco therapists. Schedule a 15-minute “Perfect Match” call to get started today.

Benefits of Counseling for Teens

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

  • New tools and techniques for navigating stress and anxiety

  • Stronger boundaries to manage their time, social life, and relationship with their devices

  • More joy, peace, and stability in their day

  • Increased emotional regulation

Image of a teen girl smiling and wearing a purple shirt while standing in front of a purple wall. Is your teen struggling with anxiety, depression, and more? Discover how teen counseling in Nashville, TN can help your child cope.

What Do I Need to Know about Teen Counseling at Enjoyco?

We offer weekly or biweekly sessions for counseling to begin with. We can do in-person at our office in Cool Springs, telehealth to better fit your schedule, or we can even do walk-and-talk sessions in a local park. All we require of you is to be consistent. Show up, do the work, and enjoy your life again. Click the button below to start your teen in therapy with us today.

Interested in Starting Teen Counseling in Nashville and Brentwood, TN?

Help your teen thrive with specialized counseling for teens tailored to their unique needs. Whether they’re navigating stress, anxiety, depression, or other challenges, our experienced teenage therapists are here to provide compassionate guidance and practical strategies. Begin their journey towards joy by contacting Enjoyco. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

Schedule a quick 15-minute “Perfect Match” call below to see if Teen Counseling is right for your teen.

Set up your child’s first session with one of our Therapists for Teens.

Witness your child grow in positive ways through teen counseling!

Schedule Your 15-Minute "Perfect Match" Call

Complete the form to set up a brief call where we'll help you decide whether one of our teen's therapists with Enjoyco is right for your child, and get them matched with one of our trained specialists.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I thought depression took everything and I would never be able to smile again. I thought life belonged to all other people and there was no spot in this world for me. Thank you so much for your tenderness and patience. Thank you for making me believe again in myself and encouraging me to enjoy every new day.


Enjoyco Therapy Client

Having done several organizational training sessions, this one stood apart as engaging, practical, and relevant. As a trauma-informed workplace, we often encounter secondary trauma - the effects of which set in without being noticed until the signs of burnout are glaringly obvious. I am grateful for this practical toolset to help us be more vigilant for ourselves and our teams - enabling us to run the long race.

Thistle Farms

Enjoyco Teams Client

When starting my time with Enjoyco, I was shut down and hesitant to start therapy. However, my therapist met me where I was at with patience and wisdom. I have found that I can welcome both tears and laughter during our therapy sessions. I have learned that our emotions are here to guide us, not something to be ashamed of. I will be forever thankful that therapy has given me the tools I need to reclaim my inner landscape and live a life full of meaning, curiosity, and joy.


Enjoyco Therapy Client

I have been working with Enjoyco for more than two years now. Not only is my therapist well read and well prepared, but her intuition and empathy are a true gift. She has helped me navigate guilt and shame which has allowed me to see the joy in my life. Now several of my best friends work with Enjoyco and their therapist have had a profound impact on us all. It's amazing to see the changes in yourself, and beautiful to see them in people you love.


Enjoyco Therapy Client
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