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Heal Past Experiences with Trauma Therapy in Nashville, TN

Photo of Enjoyco Founders Neal and Carly Samudre. Are you struggling to overcome trauma, anxiety, or more? Discover how emdr therapy in Nashville, TN can help you begin processing your emotions in a healthy way.

Process Your Pain & Rewrite Your Story

Trauma happened to you in the past, but it doesn’t have to be part of your story moving forward.

We believe you can and should live a vibrant, joyful life without carrying the trauma of the past.

With our trauma-informed therapists at Enjoyco, we can help you turn the page on trauma and move forward with confidence and joy.

Photo of a young Hispanic woman smiling and hugging herself. Discover the ways you can overcome past trauma with the support of a therapist in trauma therapy in Nashville, TN.

How Does Trauma Therapy at Enjoyco Work?

Renowned trauma expert, Dr. Peter Levine, said, “Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.”

At Enjoyco, all of our therapists are trauma-informed. This means, we explore your story with compassion and curiosity. We provide the empathetic witness that allows you to share your story, process it, and heal. 

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Trauma Therapy is Right for You If You ...

  • Have experienced an event that overwhelmed your mind and emotions’ ability to cope
  • Feel as though the event is happening to you in the present, even though it happened in the past
  • Struggle with a racing mind, anxiety, stress, and low emotional tolerance due to unresolved pain
  • Ride emotional highs and lows as a result of the trauma
  • Want an empathetic guide to hear your story
  • Desire a life of freedom, peace, and joy, regardless of what happened in the past

How Trauma Shows Up In Life

When considering trauma, we often associate it with big life hurts like rape, sexual abuse, war, natural disasters, crime, car accidents, domestic violence. However, trauma can manifest in various forms. For example, trauma can also include medical emergencies, getting laid off from your job, experiences of loss and grief, any situation where you felt a loss of control, a relational betrayal, a public embarrassing or shameful event, and more.

There’s even vicarious traumas, where one learns about or hears about an event that happened to someone else and experiences a disturbance. This can be through watching news coverage of natural disasters, reading stories of medical emergencies or crimes on social media, or listening to friends recount their own traumatic and painful experiences.

Point is, trauma does not have to be a big event or hurt in your life, and it can take many forms. Trauma is simply anything that overwhelms your ability to cope. With the help of our experienced therapists, we can help you hold the pain of your story, heal, and move forward with joy.

Benefits of Trauma Therapy

  • Decreased symptoms of anxiety, fear, anger, and stress


  • Improved response to triggers


  • Greater resilience


  • More joy and peace


  • Increased emotional regulation

Photo of an Asian mother helping her two daughters color. Are you struggling with past trauma symptoms? Learn how to manage your symptoms with the help of trauma therapy in Nashville, TN.

What Do I Need to Know about Trauma Therapy at Enjoyco?

If you need to process deep trauma and PTSD, we recommend you engage in EMDR therapy with us. We employ different modalities such as walk-and-talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and talk therapy to help you process your trauma in a safe environment. Click the button below to start your trauma therapy journey with us today.

Interested in Starting Trauma Therapy in Nashville and Brentwood, TN?

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of healing from trauma, Enjoyco is here to support you. Our trauma therapy services offer a safe and compassionate space for you to process and heal from past experiences. Take the first step towards reclaiming your well-being and contact Enjoyco to begin your path towards healing and transformation. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

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What Our Clients Have to Say

I thought depression took everything and I would never be able to smile again. I thought life belonged to all other people and there was no spot in this world for me. Thank you so much for your tenderness and patience. Thank you for making me believe again in myself and encouraging me to enjoy every new day.


Enjoyco Therapy Client

Having done several organizational training sessions, this one stood apart as engaging, practical, and relevant. As a trauma-informed workplace, we often encounter secondary trauma - the effects of which set in without being noticed until the signs of burnout are glaringly obvious. I am grateful for this practical toolset to help us be more vigilant for ourselves and our teams - enabling us to run the long race.

Thistle Farms

Enjoyco Teams Client

When starting my time with Enjoyco, I was shut down and hesitant to start therapy. However, my therapist met me where I was at with patience and wisdom. I have found that I can welcome both tears and laughter during our therapy sessions. I have learned that our emotions are here to guide us, not something to be ashamed of. I will be forever thankful that therapy has given me the tools I need to reclaim my inner landscape and live a life full of meaning, curiosity, and joy.


Enjoyco Therapy Client

I have been working with Enjoyco for more than two years now. Not only is my therapist well read and well prepared, but her intuition and empathy are a true gift. She has helped me navigate guilt and shame which has allowed me to see the joy in my life. Now several of my best friends work with Enjoyco and their therapist have had a profound impact on us all. It's amazing to see the changes in yourself, and beautiful to see them in people you love.


Enjoyco Therapy Client
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